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Welcome, fellow geek

I used to put recent news and stuff up here, but I never maintain it. Not because it’s hard, either. If this had a blogging tool behind it, I still wouldn’t maintain it. I’d just link to other blogs that I don’t have time to read, let alone wonder how others maintain them.

So, yeah, no recent news. Sorry.

This Site

I assume you’re here for a reason. I can only hope that you see this page as I intended it to look. Given that this is a personal site, and given that I like to experiment with new ways of implementation, and given that the only audience for this site is essentially me, this site has been built using nothing but structural and semantic mark-up in the form of XHTML. All layout and styling is handled via linked Cascading Style Sheets.

For those of you familiar with my web work, no, I am not all of a sudden shunning the use of tables. I have clients, they need things to look similar in many browsers, so I can’t do that. Coupled with the fact that support for valid XHTML and CSS is still so quirky, this is intended to be valid above and beyond pretty or consistent. It is, essentially, my old site converted to a new layout and code approach.

So, if your browser supports the CSS needed to view this site, try changing styles to get better color schemes, or just ignore all this web developer posturing and look at my stuff. The default theme is no longer my favorite, but I think I’m the only person who likes the stealth theme, so I won’t force that on you, either.

Yer Browser

By the way, in case you’re here because I asked you test a browser string for me, your browser reports itself as

CCBot/2.0 (

A Friend Indeed

A friend of mine has just launched her site, and you should take a look. Kristen Kos, a lovely and talented actress, now has her own site with her acting resume and some new head shots.