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April 2001
Mom and Sue Visit Holland
April in Paris
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April in Paris
Sunday, April 22, 2001; posted by Lisa

The morning after their arrival, Rosemary and Sue (and Lisa) were up and at 'em to catch a 7:36 train for Paris. We spent two sunny days touring around the most beautiful city in the world and had lots of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures. So, here are three measly photos to document 2 fabulous days.

Mom and I in front of a wonderful house in the section of Paris called Monmarte. We had just come down the hill from visiting Sacre Cour.

The view from our window at the Hotel Favart -- the Opera Comique. We were also right down the street from a wonderful little restaurant called La Clementine. Both restaurant and hotel were courtesy of Mom's research. We were in the section of the Grand Boulevards...lovely.

Sue and Mom at the back of the Sacre Cour.