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June 2001
Memorial Weekend Tour - Somme, France
Assorted Great War Sites in the Somme Region
Beaumont-Hamel - Newfoundland Memorial
Normandy, France and the D-Day Invasion Beaches
Bayeux Invasion Museum
The Pointe-du-Hoc
Normandy American Cemetary - Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach - Charlie and Dog Green
Longues-Sur-Mer Battery
Mulberry-B Artificial Harbor
Wurzburg-Riese Radar Station
Caen: City of William the Conqueror
La Ferte Alais Airshow
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Bayeux Invasion Museum
Tuesday, June 05, 2001; posted by Paris

We started our Saturday morning (following a terrible breakfast at the hotel) at the Bayeux Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum. It housed a vast collection of items from the war. There were many displays with mannequins dressed in all of the various uniforms worn by all sides and all services and a vast collection of medals. News articles, propaganda sheets, posters, military papers and documents were there for the viewing. All sorts of guns, daggers, and other weapons systems were on display.

Some giant dioramas were made and filled with battlefield debris. There was even a display of a crashed spitfire. We saw a 15 minute movie (similar to the old films we used to see in elementary school) and studied tanks, plane engines, communication equipment and field artillery. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but I did get some pictures of the tanks on the front lawn.

A British Crocodile tank - I think.

Another view of the tank.

American Sherman tank.

A German tank (with incorrect color scheme).