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Dublin, Ireland and Guinness
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Dublin, Ireland and Guinness
Saturday, August 19, 2000; posted by Paris

During the last weekend of July Lisa and I were fortunate enough to visit Dublin, Ireland. We explored the city Friday night through Sunday afternoon. We did not have an opportunity to go far beyond the city to explore the countryside, but we did make the most of our urban visit.

This set of images is from our visit to St. James Gate Brewery - the Guinness Brewery Hop Store. Here we saw the history of Guinness and got to taste some straight from the source. Definitely smoother - the water, I am told.

Also included are a couple of images with friends during a night out.

P.S. Thanks to Nate and Annie for Dublin tips.

This room contains a collection of artwork and advertising for Guinness spanning many years.

One of us is not real.

Outside the beloved brewery.

Buildings used in the manufacturing process of Guinness. Nice and shiny.

Walkway over the entrance to the Guinness Hop Store (left side).

Out for dinner, a few pints and great conversation with Tim and our gracious host Michael.

The ladies that joined us for dinner - Tammy, Lisa and Polly.