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Still More Madrid Sights
Sunday, September 10, 2000; posted by Paris


Banco de España.

The Communications Palace.

An archeological dig on the royal palace grounds. Ruins are probably from the previous Moorish palace that burned on this site.

The Puerta Alcala. Designed in 1778 as the main entrance to the Spanish court.

Puerta del Sol has been a plaza since the gate was demolished in the 1500's. All major roads in Spain radiate/originate from this central point - effectively mile marker zero. The headquarters of the regional government are housed here.

The Royal Palace built between 1737 and 1764 was in use by the royal family until about 1931. It is used occasionally now for state receptions. Inside, its 2000+ rooms are decorated in ornate and sumptuous styles. The just-completed Cathedral of Almudena stands next to the palace.