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February 2001
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Assorted February 2001 Images
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Assorted February 2001 Images
Sunday, February 25, 2001; posted by Paris

Here are some images from different excursions throughout the month of February. Generally mild weather, in the 40's and no snow. As of the 18th, we could see the crocuses beginning to bloom.

A crane loading gravel on canal barges by my office.

The crane looks like a spider-monster.

A bundle of grass that was dropped during a landscaping effort on the dunes around Kijkduin.

Misty weather gives the woods, trails, dunes and North Sea a very nice look.

A windmill on a canal near the office. Surrounded by apartment buildings and rail lines. Lisa took this one.

Another side of the windmill. Built in 1654 it is called "De Nieuwe Veenmolen".