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Roselli Aerospace Industries
Sunday, February 25, 2001; posted by Paris

Since I am not spending every free moment renovating something, I have had some free time to pursue other interests. During the cold, rainy weekends, I have been able to construct some models. Not sure how I will get these back, but they do keep me busy. I figure the next time I will have any consecutive free time like this will be when I retire.

This is the giant B-17 balsa wood model plane kit I brought here from the US. I also brought along a few tools for the effort. This will be one of the most challenging modelling efforts, ever.

Here are the intricate plans taped to the wall. Frequent consultation is required.

After 3 weeks of cutting, gluing, pinning, sanding and cursing, I have the fuselage completed! The next effort will be to begin the wing construction. Once all of these things are done, the plane will have a 3 foot wingspan. I will save the papering part for when I am back in the US.

A smaller model Stuka that I completed over the fall. The next plane will be a Hawker Hurricane. A plastic JU52 is also under construction.