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January 2001
Christmas Market - Celle, Germany
Celle, Germany, continued
Hannover, Germany
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Christmas Market - Celle, Germany
Saturday, January 20, 2001; posted by Paris

Just before the Christmas holidays Lisa and I drove to Hannover to visit with our friend Diego for a weekend. We had a very pleasant time staying with him in his apartment and enjoyed an excellent potato and leek soup of his own creation. The drive to Hannover from The Hague can be extremely trying when stuck in Dutch traffic (averaging 20 km/h). It took 6 hours to get there on a Friday, and only 4 hours to return on Sunday. Once across the German border, we were able to get the Renault van to cruise at 150 km/h (about 90 mph) which resulted in 2 hours of driving time each way, within Germany. If the 5-speed van had a tachometer, we would have gone faster without fear of destroying the engine...

Our intent this weekend was to visit the Christmas markets, try some food and buy some Christmas ornaments and gifts. We were successful with all three tasks!

We toured the markets in Hannover and Celle. Diego thought we would like Celle - we sure did!

Lisa and Diego enjoying a nice breakfast. Diego is eating toasted gouda cheese and ham on bread. We ate well before our day-long adventure.

In Celle we saw and heard a very festive brass Christmas band playing many holiday favorites.

Some of the buildings in the old part of Celle.

Some more of the buildings in the old part of Celle.

Some of the buildings in the old part of Celle.

Some of the buildings in the old part of Celle with the various Christmas market stands set up throughout the streets.

A night shot of the Celle castle which is now a museum. We went through a small portion of this very old building.