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Inside Hoek van Holland Bunkers
Sunday, January 21, 2001; posted by Paris

Today we returned to the series of bunkers in Hoek van Holland. We did not know what to expect (people, hidden holes, etc.) so we prepared as best as possible. Lots of warm clothing, combat boots, flashlights, tools and lots of camera equipment. We filmed a bit (where there was enough light) and took some film and digital fotos.

These rooms and tunnels were extremely dark and filled with sand near the doorways. Lots of spray paint, fires and vandalism have had their impact. Because these are along a popular walking path, we ran into a number of people and even some children sledding on the bunker hills.

This is the remains of a tiled bathroom. On the left a shower, right probably a toilet. White and yellow shattered tiles everywhere.

As we left in the evening it began snowing. This is the outside view, from the road, of this page's fotos.

This is a view from inside the bunker above. This is the only one in the series with the window section. On top of this room might have been large guns.

This looked like a ventilation/central heating room. This rusted metal box looked like the heat exchange, and air vents converged here.

On the way to the other rooms through the underground tunnels. Many rooms and ventilation shafts lined the halls.

Inside one of the many rooms off the tunnel. Floors covered with trash and sand. Rusted conduit and ventilation shafts dangle everywhere. All of the electrical panels have been stripped.

This is where the underground paths meet and go out to a large field ahead.

Contemporary transmission towers in the background. The concrete thing is being used for an aerial, although its purpose in the past may have been more ominous. It has a large underground room.

Here is where another series of tunnels meet and lead to what looks like a living quarters area behind me (which had the ventilation units, etc.).