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January 2001
Christmas Market - Celle, Germany
Celle, Germany, continued
Hannover, Germany
Inside Hoek van Holland Bunkers
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More bunker Hoek van Holland
Sunday, January 21, 2001; posted by Paris

We found a small hole that permitted entry into a walled bunker. This lead to a very large gun base and storage area for shells. We met up with Nick and Michael (from the area) who were also exploring the bunkers, but wanted to join us since they only had a pen light and were a little scared about going alone.

This is a small room deep underground with a series of heavy metal doors that permit entry. Under us is what seemed to be a storage area for shells. The big metal thing seems to be the device that would allow a turret to turn. It is relatively rusty.

A close-up shot of the rusted bolts on the turret base.

One of the double metal doors that secure the room.

Nick and Michael posing for a foto inside the bunker.

This is the little hole I climbed through to get into the gun turret bunker.

Another door leading to the turret base room. Notice all of the (hopefully not) toxic dust floating around.

Another view of the turret room. Ceilings were low - there was a lot of crouching.

A view of the long, dark staircase leading down to the gun turret room.

A view in the access hatch leading to what looked like an ammunition storage area under the gun turret room.