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May 2001
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Day 3
Friday, May 04, 2001; posted by Paris

On Sunday, most places are closed, so we planned the trip so we could visit the spots that do remain open on Sundays. Delft and Keukenhof are two such places. We had another early start (after Anita and Joe took the tram to our apartment) and started with the beautiful, fragrant Keukenhof gardens. The weather cooperated for this half of our day. It began to sprinkle as we left for Delft.

Lisa and I were lucky to see the gardens again. A whole new series of flowers have opened (tulips this time) to provide beautiful, vibrant Technicolor vistas. The park was packed, but we were still able to enjoy the beauty. On the drive there, the fields were also in full bloom and the landscape had a very nice look.

A 'river' of blue flowers flows through the grounds.

Flower vista.


Flower spectators.

Close-up of those flowers.

Colorful fields surrounding the Keukenhof.

Uncle Joe poses with some bright yellow tulips.

Lisa and Anita smile for a picture.

Lisa and Paris sit on a bridge.