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May 2001
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Delft and Day 4
Friday, May 04, 2001; posted by Paris

We made it to Delft on Sunday afternoon and visited the gift shop and factory (with busloads of other visitors). Took a walk into the city center and saw the churches and had some ham and cheese tostis and apple pofertjes for a snack. We had a good Thai dinner at Mai Thai restaurant and then had some ice cream at a gelateria behind the stadhuis.

On Monday (Queen's day) we wandered through a grey and littered Hague (following the previous night's parties and celebrations). Not many things worth photographing this day. However, the day did start out sunny and warm, and Anita and Joe were treated to a nice morning in Scheveningen.

The many direction leaning tower of the Oud Kerk is in the background of this foto with Anita and Joe.

They even make Delft-blue cars.

Joe and Anita in the tranquil inner garden of the Royal Delft factory.