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May 2001
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2 Hours in Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg City Center
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Salzburg City Center
Wednesday, May 09, 2001; posted by Paris

More places.

A typical cafe on one of the side streets. The tables and chairs were just being set up for the day's visitors.

The Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church) as seen from the steps of the Dom. It's oldest parts date to the 1400's. Salzburg is loaded with the spires of 36 churches poking up everywhere.

This is a view of the Franz-Josef-Kai - a pedestrian walkway that runs alongside the Salzach river and leads to the old city center (you can see the old fortress on the hill ahead).

This is a picture looking up at the old fortress from within the St. Peters friedhof Catacomb area. Mozart's sister is buried in this yard.

A small street (Judengasse, I think) leading to a major square.

These houses I saw while walking along the Franz-Josef-Kai. I think they are on the Mullner-Haupstrasse. In any case, notice how the buildings actually go right into the hillside.