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Rotterdam, Netherlands Harbor Tour
Saturday, August 11, 2001; posted by Paris

Last week, Lisa and I used her birthday gift (given to her by the office Client Management Team) for a boat tour around the Rotterdam harbor. Much of Rotterdam was leveled in WWII, which afforded the Dutch to rebuild the port into a modern, technologically advanced and streamlined international port - the largest in the world (Europoort). It is a huge complex of piers, warehouses, chemical plants and refineries stretching 30 miles.

It was a very cool, dark, windy and rainy morning when we took our tour, so most of these images are not so good.

One of the many large cranes that loads/unloads ships.

A container ship from Brazil.

We got very close to the massive cargo ships. Containers stacked very high.

Some areas the shores are loaded with containers. These are the same ones we saw trucks hauling around the US (to provide a sense of scale).

A ship fully loaded with containers speeds by.

A ship in dry dock. The dock is submerged, the ship is pushed in, and then the device is drained and the ship is lifted out of the water.

One of the old plants along the harbor.

Part of the series of refineries.

Another large crane that loads ships with containers.