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August 2001
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Rotterdam, Netherlands Harbor Tour
Rotterdam - Kubuswoningen
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Rotterdam - Kubuswoningen
Sunday, August 12, 2001; posted by Paris

Following our harbor tour, Lisa and I walked around the city. We came upon the well-known Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses). These are angled cubes whose corners are set upon concrete 'trunks'. The block of cube houses looks like a futuristic urban forest. We were able to go inside a demonstration house and get some fotos. Most of the windows look down to the ground, or up to the sky, depending on where you are in the house and which way the walls are slanting.

A view from the street of the cubes.

The 'trunk' is the staircase leading into the apartment.

The cube houses are alongside the Oude Haven and cafes.

The little courtyard under all of the cube houses.

By raising the living space in the air, premium courtyard space is made available.

The bedroom on the second floor of the cube. These windows look down to the street below.

The very nice kitchen on the first floor which looks down on the street.

A view of the living room which has some of the 60's 'A Clockwork Orange-styling' which is being updated.

This is the third floor porch - the very peak of the cube. It has windows all along the perimeter.