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December 2000
Lisa's day in Dusseldorf, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland also
Interlaken, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
UN or UB? Switzerland
Atlantic Wall - Hoek van Holland
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Lisa's day in Dusseldorf, Germany
Sunday, December 03, 2000; posted by Lisa

Took the train to Dusseldorf with Paris for the day. Our taxi driver's English was pretty good. He said, "You want shopping and restaurants in the old section of town?" I said, "That about covers it!" So, for about 5 hours, I wandered around in the lovely old, pedestrians-only, section of Dusseldorf. Did some Christmas shopping and had lunch in a nice little cafe that surprised me in a houseware/furniture shop. It was mostly grey, so I didn't take pictures until the sun escaped the clouds just before it set.

Nice bridge. Sun had just come down from the clouds.

As I was wandering around, the clouds suddenly became a fiery pink. I rushed back to the river, but missed capturing the pink over the water. Took a picture of the bridge and factory anyway. Try to picture the clouds in the upper left as that pink color.

Couldn't capture the amazing full, double rainbow in one shot, but this shot and the one following should give you the idea. All of a sudden, it was a beautiful, shimmering day.

Old Dusseldorf under the glow of late fall, late day sunlight and a beautiful double rainbow.

Yes, it's Germany.

Statue of children playing under wet, glistening, yellow leaves. This was in a square just before The Rhine. Nice, peaceful day that made me feel lucky to be in Europe, having lovely adventures.