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December 2000
Lisa's day in Dusseldorf, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland also
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Geneva, Switzerland also
Sunday, December 03, 2000; posted by Paris

Lisa and I spent Friday afternoon strolling through the busy streets of Geneva, looking at the billions of watches that are sold everywhere, and taking in the sites. No rush, we just wandered around.

Inside the History of Science Museum one of the many beautifully decorated and maintained rooms. Glass cabinets loaded with early mechanical inventions (neon lights, telescopes, electrical and surgical devices). Too bad most of it was in French. Thomas Dolby would definitely go blind here.

From the edge of Lake Leman looking up at the History of Science Museum.

The well-lit Russian Church.

Here is an outside view looking up at the St. Pierre cathedral towers.

This is a view of the archeological dig beneath the St. Pierre cathedral in Geneva. The church and grounds have been built upon themselves since the 4th century. Old foundations, tile work, streets, and artifacts have been reclaimed during this decades' long dig.

The current cathedral was begun in 1160 and was built over the remains of earlier structures. It was here that Calvin preached in the 1500's following the Protestant Reformation. This is a view inside the chapel. The rest of the cathedral is less ornate.

A typical street found in the old section of Geneva.