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December 2000
Lisa's day in Dusseldorf, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland also
Interlaken, Switzerland
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Interlaken, Switzerland
Sunday, December 03, 2000; posted by Paris

On Saturday we took the 3 hour train ride from Geneva to Interlaken. The town is surrounded on the South by the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains, and besieged by tourists from all over the world. It connects the Thunersee and the Brienzersee lakes.

This is the Amtshaus. Not sure what it is, but seemed to be a nice public square.

This is the Baren Zum restaurant where we had a very hearty Swiss meal. Two big glasses of the local beer, soup and sausage and potatoes. Lisa had a good Salmon on herbed rice dinner. We decided not to have the horse meat dinner. A very traditional restaurant founded in the 1600's.

Lisa and I following our tasty meal at the Baren Zum restaurant.

This is the view one is greeted with when stepping off the train at the Ost station. Facing the eastern side of Interlaken.

This is one of many old homes we saw. Brightly colored and with lots of gingerbread.

Another view of the river and the homes and inns across the way. The water was really this color, and it was clear!

One of the many narrow streets with shops, restaurants and homes. This architecture was typical of what we saw throughout the country.

A view of the countryside as we took the clean, efficient train from Geneva to Interlaken. Spectacular. We thought we saw the Riccola guys...

A view of the setting sun and home along the river connecting the lakes.