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August Collection
Friday, September 01, 2000; posted by Paris

Included are some images captured during the busy month of August. Included are pictures of a wedding of our friends from work Debbie and Ton.

Also are some pictures from the beach at Kijkduin looking at the North Sea.

And finally some images of the macro van that I have been assigned.

Bride Debbie and Norbert. Norbert is giving Debbie our gift of white bread.

Beached jellyfish on the beach. It felt like a ziploc over-filled with water. Clear and translucent blue. Dead. Odd.

Bride Debbie and Jules dancing away the evening at the reception.

Typical North Sea evening sky.

The Renault Espace van I have. Seats 20.

The Espace dash board. Took forever to figure this out. Instructions in Dutch and the dashboard is as intuitive as MS Windows. Radio control is on the steering wheel. Horn is on the turn signal device. Reverse is on the left of 1st gear, and the alarm goes of randomly. Mobile phone connects to the radio system and the CD changer has a remote control. Windshield wipers go faster as one drives, and the rear one turns on when going in reverse. Its like driving the Buick.

Side view of the Espace. I think it can carry the bikes and Lisa comfortably. May replace hotels on cross-country trips.

Another wedding image. Searle, Lisa, Andres and Susanne - friends from work.

I ate tasty snacks including eel, cheeses and fish.