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More Madrid Sights
Sunday, September 10, 2000; posted by Paris

Continuing a comprehensive collection of vistas from Madrid.

Inside the Atocha train station - now housing a massive tropical garden with plant and animal life.

Exterior view of the Atocha train station.

Ministry of Agriculture

The amazing Museum of Ham (really a restaurant). Loaded with all things ham, and ham legs. Good eating!

Looking down from Pablo's amazing apartment in Madrid. Could see the whole city from here. The apartment had great charm and its contents seem unchanged since the beginning of the last century.

Us at the Plaza Mayor. Relaxed in the plaza, sipping cold beer and iced teas. Bought a very nice water color of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza from an artist. Look forward to hanging that at home. The plaza was the site of a medieval market, ultimately rebuilt in 1619 as a focal point when Madrid became the capital of Spain. The plaza has been used for festivals, bull-fights, royal proclamations and executions during the Inquisition.

The weekly Sunday outdoor market the Rastro. Packed with people. Most items for sale are things you could find in any store (clothes, video cassettes, etc.) Some areas specialized in pet supplies, or antiques, for example.

The restaurant where we had a very good dinner for 4 people for about $23 US. Roasted chickens, salad, spud-omelet, fresh crusty rolls, bottles of Sidra and water made a nice meal.