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June 2000
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St. Martin-In-The-Fields
Wednesday, June 07, 2000; posted by Paris

While wandering around we happened to arrive just as a concert was beginning. We sat in pews built in 1799 and listened to music composed by Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Handel. It was a great, relaxing break.

We also walked in the catacombs (now a restaurant and gift shop).

The current church is the fourth built on this spot (completed in 1762). The site has been a place of worship for over 700 years and used to be in the middle of fields.

A view of the church in the day.

A great grave marker in the catacomb. The skull and cross bones really make it.

The restaurant in the catacombs.

An evening shot, after the concert ended.

Looking towards the rear of the church. Notice the pipes from the organ on the wall.

Looking towards the altar.