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Nottingham Castle
Thursday, June 08, 2000; posted by Paris

In 1067 William the Conqueror ordered a castle be built to be used as a military stronghold, and royal palace. By controlling the Trent Bridge, where the major north road crossed the river, the castle was the base of the King's power in the North and the Midlands.

It had been built up and destroyed over the following centuries. Finally, in 1651, an act of Parliament had it destroyed. The Duke of Newcastle built a palace on the site which is now used (and is seen in these pictures) as a museum. Nottingham Castle no longer exists.

Interesting sign on the door of the train.

Nothing to do with this series.

Facing the east side of the palace, the tunnel you see is preceded by the middle bridge and leads into the middle gate of the original castle.

Facing the north side of the palace which is on the grounds of Nottingham Castle.