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Discovering Nieuw Werklust
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Discovering Nieuw Werklust
Sunday, July 09, 2000; posted by Lisa

On Saturday, Paris rented a car and we journeyed off to Leiden, virtually mapless, in search of factories. I was in charge of the navigation, while Paris tried to figure out what the road signs meant and just who had the right-of-way. Mr. Cautious did a fine job of making our little trip a safe one and we managed to find a nice clayworks factory. The weather cooperated, for the most part, providing some good clouds along with an occasional shower.
Paris had his usual unwieldy collection of old and temperamental cameras, while I was able to use the more simple digital camera, providing the shots you see here. Since the quality of the images produced by the digital camera is, in this sort of weather, not that great, Paris enhanced some on the computer.
Hope you enjoy them!

This is a spooky old houseboat which was sunk in a filled-in canal. While it still had curtains hanging in the windows, we hoped it was uninhabited.

This is a factory we ran into a little farther up the road from the Nieuw Werklust. It didn't offer much in the way of photographic opportunity.

A shot of the front of the clayworks factory. I liked the name, which you can see up at the top of the building.

Not sure what, if anything, still goes on in this old barn. The road leading to the back is a very nice terracotta color, from all of the ground-up tiles.

Another shot of the front of the factory. Big pile of sand covered in blue plastic provided some color, a vantage point, and, unfortunately, some blockage. This was taken just before we left, as the clouds broke again and we got some more blue sky.

Another abandonment. This house was situated behind the factory. It was, possibly, the home of the family who owned the business, or, possibly it had no connection at all. The path to the entrance of this house was long-covered over with grass and wild shrubs. However, the grass had been tramped down, as if people still went into the house. Though there were cobwebs on the windows of the giant wooden door, there were still curtains on the windows, furniture in the rooms, a glass on a table, and, strangely, a suitcase in a hallway. It looked as though the people had picked up and left in a hurry. Wish we could have gotten photos of that, but sneaking around in front of the windows was about all of the trespassing either of us was willing to do!

Another shot of the house and some of the prettier overgrowth.

Here is Paris, leaning over his Circo-Flex camera. You can also see the color of the driveway pretty well here.

The pottery building and a bit beyond.