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Nieuw Werklust Front Details
Sunday, July 09, 2000; posted by Lisa

Paris and I walked over a little makeshift bridge and jumped down into the thick of things to get better shots of the front of the factory. By this time, the clouds had broken some more, and we were able to get some blue sky. Some slipping around on the blue hill, but no injuries and I tried very hard to keep from laughing too much when Paris did a near face-plant into the blue tarp hill. Couldn't get all of the angles we wanted, but here is a sampling of the best I could do.

The building on the right was dated 1918.

Great old rusting machine on a track system. Couldn't say exactly what it did, but I am sure there are some scooper machine experts out there who could help out with that info.

The grease still looked pretty gooey. Paris got a little in his hair, I think.

Inside of the machine. Controls and seat well-rusted.

Flowers are persistent little things.

Couldn't get the angle of this image quite right, but I liked the wing-like structure at the top and the window.