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Nieuw Werklust Backview
Sunday, July 09, 2000; posted by Lisa

Here are some images from behind the clay works factory. Many of the photos I took here were hindered by the angle of the sun, and trying to enhance them only made them look, well, obviously enhanced.
Although we were told that this factory is still in operation, and there were piles of tiles and palates around, you can see from these images that things were not what they probably once used to be.
It made for some interesting shots though, and that's all we cared about! As far as Paris is concerned, the more run-down, the better.

As I looked at this pile of tiles, I hoped that the sun would make an appearance and illuminate them. I was lucky to be in the right spot when it did! Beautiful colors. The building on the right seemed to be burned, but just the varnish. Paris thought it might be some sort of drying house for the tiles, thereby creating a lot of heat, but not enough to actually burn the building.

Paris got this shot of some lovely purple flowers. They looked like lilacs, but the individual flowers were smaller and the smell was different.

Quite run-down. I wonder what it used to look like. As you can see, there are neatly stacked tiles in the foreground, making us think that perhaps the factory is, somewhat, still in use.

A close-up of a once-lovely window. I wish the camera had captured exactly what I saw, but we are not quite there, technologically...yet. Paris did his best to make the sky as blue as it really was.