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North Sea Jazz Festival - more scenes
Sunday, July 23, 2000; posted by Paris

More images.

Al Jarreau — this hall was packed. Only listened for a few minutes. We stopped by later and George Benson was playing an extended version of On Broadway. An audio sample (45.8k).

Courtney Pine. We stayed for about 15 minutes. Lisa had hoped he had gotten beyond his love of musical trickery (playing the scales really quickly) and improved his sense of composition and melody. That was not the case (35k).

The crowd in one hall waiting for Courtney Pine.

Lots of garbage on the floors of the main hall — made it difficult for walking.

Herbie Hancock — challenging, scholarly “jazz”. Pushed the envelope while creating something new. One band member had a million noisy trinkets that he played throughout the show. An audio sample (93.3k). Sorry for the blurry image.

Lisa and Marcel finding the next show to attend.

Self portrait of the three of us, while Marcel attempts to grab the camera.

Me’Shell Ndegeocello — dark, low-key soul music played by an abrasive, “save-the-world”-type. Recorded some of this, too (39.5k).

Youssou N’Dour — great music played by an enthusiastic and talented band. Joyful music! Lots of fun. An audio sample (50k).