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Long, Sunlit Days
Monday, July 02, 2001; posted by Paris

What is very interesting here in The Hague is that because we are so far north (~52 degrees latitude) we have sunlight for much of the day in the summer. The sky is glowing by 4.30am, then we have sunrise to sunset, and finally the sky is still glowing at 12.20am. We can easily get fooled by the sun, which makes us think it is about 3 hours earlier in the day than it really is. But it is nice to get home from work and still have a lot of daylight remaining.

These pictures provide a small sense of the long sunlit days we experience here. They were taken on the 21st of June 2001.

All pictures are looking down our street, facing SW, toward the North Sea.

10.06 pm.

10.53 pm.

11.11 pm.

11.58 pm.