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Almelo Re-visited
Monday, July 02, 2001; posted by Paris

Last week we visited our friends Gerben and Lidy at their recently completed home in Almelo. It was a real surprise to see a beautiful home that looked as if it had been built 100 years ago. Especially since we saw just the shell of it last fall. See the 'September Stragglers' archive entry. Tall ceilings, tiled floors, fireplaces - marvelous.

The back garden was recently planted, and shows great potential. The old church bells are clearly heard every half-hour.

We had a very nice conversation throughout the afternoon and finished with a tasty Italian meal from a local restaurant.

The completed exterior.

A view from the back garden facing the house.

Gerben in the completed bedroom. Same room as is photographed in September.

Gerben in the nice big kitchen (with wine cellar below).

A view of the backyard from the house.