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Landschaftspark Continued
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Zollverein Coking Plant
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Landschaftspark Continued
Saturday, July 07, 2001; posted by Paris

The idea employed here - of preserving and recognizing the benefits of industrial production and industrial design - could also be successfully employed by the cities in the Rustbelt of the US. Instead of letting old facilities decay and rot, or destroying them for massive malls, why not preserve some of our own industrial heritage? Already, people from all over the world come to study the grain elevators in Buffalo, New York - famed for their use of advanced technology and design.

Cooling towers.

Overhead pipes and smokestack.

Window of one of the buildings.

Paris 'operates' the controls at the plant.

Sebastian and Paris composing black and white, and digital pictures.

Sebastian smiles after taking macro shots of old machine controls.