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Funkturm and Berlin Wall
Thursday, July 19, 2001; posted by Paris

We had a nice snack in the Wintergarten in Sanssouci park. Rain came and chased most people away. We returned to Berlin's wide avenues after a relaxing ride back through the Grunewald. In Berlin, we visited the radio tower and then a bit of the Berlin Wall.

Lisa and me along side the remains of the wall.

This is a zoom view of the foto below. You can see the domed Reichstag on the left (just on the top of the green of the Tiergarten), the Brandenburg gate, the Victory Column cutting through the green of the Tiergarten and the television tower toward the middle, and on the right side, the tall new buildings on the Potsdamer Platz. (st)

This is a view looking toward East Berlin. (st)

This is the West Berlin radio tower that was built in the 1920's. From the top, we can see all around Berlin. We were even able to locate Sebastian's brother's apartment by combining the use of binoculars, mobile phone and a camera flash. The tower has had its ups and downs - severely damaged by two fires, and losing a leg to an aerial bomb in WWII. But it has never tumbled, and remains a popular tourist point.

This is one of the four massive feet of the Funkturm.

This is a foto from Friday - the Soviet Army Memorial, located in West Berlin, along the edge of the Tiergarten, near the Brandenburg Gate. It used to have armed Soviet guards on the site.

We drove to the Wall Gallery - a place where the Berlin wall remains intact for about 1 mile. It has been painted (hence the term gallery) although it would have been totally blank as this is on the Eastern side of Berlin, and is separated from the West by a river.

We snuck around some fences and were able to walk along the former guard path (between the wall and the river). The path was used to patrol the wall and insure no one could leave (alive) the East German communist paradise.

Looking from West Berlin into East Berlin.