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November 2000
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Rome - Roman Ruins and the Colosseum
Saturday, November 04, 2000; posted by Lisa

One of the best things about Rome is how the ancient exists alongside the contemporary.

The Colosseo or Colosseum dates from AD 72, and the design has never been bettered. There are even numbers still visible above the bottom arches. It seats 55,000 but can be cleared in less than 20 minutes! During the Middle Ages the Colosseum was an excellent source of building stone, which explains the missing sections.

Another view of the magnificent Colosseum.

The way into the arena of the Colosseum. This is also the passage through which water flowed to flood the arena. Don't know whether the flooding was on purpose or not.

The Foro Romano is the heart of the Roman Empire. It contained all of the ancient city’s most important political, religious, and municipal buildings. As you can see, it's a bit of a puzzle of ruins today, but mysterious and awesome nonetheless.

A combination shot of the ruins.