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November 2000
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Madurodam Part 2
Sunday, November 05, 2000; posted by Paris

Many of the most important buildings in the Netherlands have been reproduced in this miniature world of Madurodam. It includes churches, homes, ship yards, an airport, rail lines and much more. It was created for two reasons: 1 - it was used to fund sanitoriums for students with tuberculosis and 2 - it was funded in part as a memorial to George Maduro who dies as a POW in Dachau after being captured by the Germans following valiant efforts to resist the German invasion. Click here to read more.

The toy airport.

Here is the Binnenhof and Ridderzaal from The Hague.

The Madurodam visitor building, reflecting blue sky and clouds in the glass.

Dad and Adrian Godzilla storming the streets.

The museum in Groningen where we saw the Anton Corbijn foto exhibit.

Lisa getting a candy bar from a miniature truck from the toy Mars factory.

The Peace Palace from The Hague.

A burning Royal Dutch Shell oil tanker being saved by a fireboat.