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November 2000
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Lucca - Final Stop
Saturday, November 04, 2000; posted by Lisa

We had our last Italian meal here in Lucca. Beautiful countryside.

After a tasty lunch in the lovely little town of Lucca, our guides prepare to take us on our final leg of the journey - to the Pisa airport.

Our capo and his FIAT Punto. Can you believe we got luggage for 4 people, 2 full-sized Americans, and 2 Italian-sized Americans (thank goodness) into this little vehicle? It got us where we needed to go and even, fully loaded, managed to keep up with the madman Italian drivers.

Paris and I just up the road from the restaurant where we had lunch in Lucca. After the noise and diesel smell of the autostrate, the quiet on this country road almost hurt our ears and the country air was paradise. We hope to return to Italy one day and spend some more time in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany.