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November 2000
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Vatican and the Sistine Chapel
Saturday, November 04, 2000; posted by Lisa

The really, really long line did not deter us from touring the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. It did make u a little grumpy and concerned we would not make it to the entrance before they closed. We did. Finally.

The ceiling of the Vatican museum.

Gilded paintings are everywhere. It never stops. Too much beauty.

More hallways.

The floor of the Vatican museum. Everything is a work of art.

The famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo. Bring a mirror (to spare your neck from looking up) and binoculars to see the detail.

The painting of the Last Judgement, painted on the wall of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. I broke the rules and was able to sneak a foto - the guards are very clear about no cameras and no talking. Filled with people for the Jubilee celebrations.