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Bike Tour - Saturday, April 1
Sunday, April 02, 2000; posted by Paris

I broke in the bike (and my butt) this weekend. While riding 5 hours (about 50 kilometers) along the many bikes paths I captured some of the things I saw.

Surprisingly, I feel OK the day after the ride!

The bike path in many areas was lined with daffodils. Many other flowers are out and it smells great. It was windy and partly sunny.

In the Recreatiegebied De Uithof one can find this maze made of bushes. There were some children playing in it. The bushes are too short to pose a challenge to an adult.

On the hill are one of at least 6 different legions of exercise fanatics I kept running into.

Another view of the maze.

This is where I was when I received the phone call. A large RV camp was behind me (between me and the North Sea).

These green houses seem to go on forever.

More greenhouses - these are industrial size. The names indicated citrus fruits as the product grown.

Along one of the many canals - sunken boats.

Finally, the obligatory windmill. Although I think this one is more for the tourists going to the RV camp.