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Business Travel
Sunday, April 02, 2000; posted by Paris

This past week I traveled to London and Frankfurt.

Here are some interesting images from the week.

London's Heathrow - The Concord - can be seen everywhere.

In Germany, later in the evening they show Space TV. A satellite sends back images of the earth.

In the bottom left corner of the screen the satellite's position relative to the earth is displayed. I saw a meteor shower over Australia and thunderstorms over the US. In the background they play cool space/electronica tunes (and name the artist). Very relaxing.

Heathrow terminal 1 - much nicer than terminal 4. Natural light is actually permitted here.

The control tower at Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport.

An exterior view of the Schiphol airport. The trains come in below, and on the second floor, you can get your plane - very efficient.

Hear the sounds of the airport (89.4Kb).

Flying at 33,000' over Germany while sitting in a comfy leather Lufthansa seat.

Had smoked fish, prosciutto, salad, bread, red wine, coffee and a chocolate. And they gave me a free copy of Newsweek.

Another view - this time including the engine of this Airbus plane.