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Antwerpen Countryside
Monday, May 08, 2000; posted by Lisa

After touring through the old part of the city of Antwerpen, Diego's Aunt, Ana Lia, took us back to her lovely home. Lots of green space, animals and birds, people on bikes, zooming cars every once in a while, and tranquility. Stayed longer than I had planned.

Here is Diego's aunt, getting her mail, and Diego, his ultra-polite self, holding the door open for us.

The backyard of the Van Bortel home, where we had a lovely little dinner and watched the birds.

Friendly donkeys across from the house. Actually, they were as much hungry as friendly; we fed them apples and they acted as though they expected no less.

Stretching across the little ditch to pet the donkey, who, when I wasn't looking, tried to snack on my sweater.

Oh, my goodness, this pregnant donkey looked tired! She was almost as wide as she was long. What a load!