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Weekend sights around The Hague
Tuesday, May 09, 2000; posted by Paris

A series of images from this past weekend's walk around The Hague.

This is a combo foto of the Binnenhof (Inner Court) which is where the annual ceremony opening Parliament is held.
The church-like building is the Ridderzall (see below). Parliament buildings are behind it.

This is the British School.

It just amazes me to see so many bikes - these are outside Den Haag Centraal (train) Station.

Smokestacks I see on my way to work while riding Tram 11. The factory has been torn down and these are all that remain.

This is an external view of the Parliament buildings from across the Hofvijver (Court Lake).

Us at Kijkduin on the North Sea - a 5 minute bike ride. Water was VERY cold.
We were very hot - we have no shorts. Waiting for our summer clothes to arrive.

The Ridderzall (within the Binnenhof) is the oldest building in this complex - built in the late 13th century.
This was originally The Knights' Hall - where medieval guests were received and entertained.
Today the Queen addresses the government at the annual opening of parliament.

Many squished and dismantled bikes seen around The Hague after Queen's Day (the annual celebration of the Queen's birthday).

Tom - Lisa thought you would like this. A bunch of people on roller blades playing street hockey in a corporate entry way on a Sunday afternoon.