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Flora in The Hague
Tuesday, May 09, 2000; posted by Paris

Last weekend Lisa and I walked to the British School and then strolled around the Hague.

To get there, we walked along the Carel Reinierszkade. It was about 75 degrees this afternoon with a nice breeze off the North Sea.

The flowers and trees are still in bloom and I captured a few images. You can smell the perfume of spring flowers everywhere.

This is a canal alongside the Carel Reinierszkade in the north part of The Hague. The trees are not what they seem.

Colorful flower petals litter the streets.

Just a dandelion.

Flowers along the Carel Reinierszkade canal.

An evening shot of Richard Wagnerlaan - a street near ours.

The clouds were especially beautiful this day.

Flowers in the trees along the Carel Reinierszkade canal.

Flowers along the Carel Reinierszkade canal.

Flowers hanging near my apartment.