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Utrecht Day Trip
Monday, May 15, 2000; posted by Paris

This past weekend Lisa and I toured Utrecht with Marcel and Wilemijn. It was a warm day (as it has been for the past two weeks), sunny and in the upper 70’s. We strolled around the old city center and relaxed at some local cafes, had some white beers and snacks. (An interesting and tasty summer beer made in Maastricht, Netherlands is Wieckse Witte – try it!). We saw the Domtoren and Domkerk and later had dinner along a canal, ice cream from a stand and finished the evening in a very nice old café (called Broers Stadscafe - with good contemporary music).

Marcel and Wilemijn along the Oude Gracht.

We had dinner at an Indian/Ceylon restaurant along the Oude Gracht. We saw rowers and some motor boats float by.

A view of the Oude Gracht (old canal) which is lined with shops above and restaurants below.

Standing outside one of the rows of houses. The doors were much lower in the 1600’s – low for today’s standards (and especially for the Dutch - many are taller than me).

A biker who wants to keep his bike safe. Really a promo gimmick.

One of the canals cutting through Utrecht.