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Images from the Week
Sunday, May 21, 2000; posted by Paris

These are a collection of fotos from the neighborhood over the past week. The weather went from a humid 78+ degrees to a cool, clear (or rainy, depending on the moment) 55 degrees.

Birds - ducks, geese, swan, pheasants (and many birds we do not know) all live in the trees and woods along the waterways around The Hague.

This bird, however, has been a problem. It finds pleasure in landing just outside the bedroom window and at 5 am making all sorts of racket. This day he thought he would come in. He is not alone. With the door open (the windows really don't cut it) to get fresh air, bees have come in, too. Usually early in the morning on the weekend. I've been thinking I could invent screens and make a fortune here.

Here is a picture of a lovely sunset from our porch.

A picture from the porch. Beautiful colors on a sunny day. The tiled roof, blue sky, white puffy clouds, green trees. Very nice.

Another picture of the street. Compare this with those taken in February.
The trees are filled with birds. Flowers are in all of the gardens in front of the apartments. It is so nice to hear the sounds of birds, not pigs.

This is a SMART™ car. I don't know why it is smart. I know it is small. They are brightly colored. They probably drive forever on a cup of gasoline. That's nice. Wouldn't want to be in one while crashing into a truck. That's bad.