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Kijkduin Beach
Saturday, March 11, 2000; posted by Paris

I spent my sunny Saturday afternoon at the nearby Kijkduin beach. I grabbed a bus that looked like it was going in that direction. Got on, and the driver announced something, twice, and did not move the bus.

Since everyone was looking around, and we were not driving away, all I could assume was he meant me.

It seems I was supposed to show my bus pass (which I never do on the tram). I walked to the front, glared, showed the pass and we were off.

The beach (on the North Sea) was filled with people, children and dogs (and the occasional horse). In the other fotos, you will see the nature trails that border the beach.

It was very windy, but I still could hear the tinkle of tiny sea shells crunching under my feet as I walked through the wet sand, in my trenchcoat.

A view as you enter the beach from the walkways. Below are stands (now closed).

Long view of the beach looking North.

The loud and rough North Sea. If I were a fighter pilot, I would not want to ditch out here.

More sea scape with the grassy hill perimeter.