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Red Light District
Sunday, March 19, 2000; posted by Paris

These are a collection of sights within the Red Light district. A totally surreal experience.

Along the main canal women stand in windows, usually wearing white underware that is illuminated by black lights inside. Men and women stroll by as the prostitutes invite a visit.

The night is cold and damp. Cigarette and pot smoke pour into the street from the various bars and coffee shops every time a door is opened. Personal marijuana use is tolerated, public intoxication (especially by foreigners)common.

Many foreigners, lots of drinking, dancing and misbehaving.

Window of the Red Light district.

Another view.

For those who want a more literal representation, I have these two images. Rows of buildings with the interiors illuminated by red and black lights. When a customer visits, the curtains are drawn.

This picture, like the rest, was taken as stealthly as possible. It is amazing - these women have eyes like hawks. They saw me taking this one and started shouting/hiding behind their curtains. Oops. I left rather quickly.