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Kijkduin Nature Trail
Saturday, March 11, 2000; posted by Paris

This is a very pleasant nature trail that borders the entire beach. Tall grasses, trees and spiky shrubs dot the landscape.

Many couples out walking around on this nice day. There are benches scattered throughout to rest or read (as some were doing).

The views from the hilltops were execellent and you can see some of them below.

Some pictures may be blurry because the thousand-mile an hour wind was blowing me around. Although, it was great for the people with kites.

Reminds me of the rolling hills near Monterey, California. I applied a blue lens to enhance the color of the sky.

The nature preserve (I think that is what it said) has barbed wire fencing that prevents people from walking off the paths. It looked like the sandy trail you see wa used for those on horseback.

Another hill. Some garbage getting in the way...

This is what the path looks like.

A nice view of sky and nature.