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Hannover, Germany
Tuesday, March 28, 2000; posted by Paris

After 12 years, I finally saw Diego again. Last time we were together was 1988 in Costa Rica. Diego has been in Germany studying for the past few years and invited me to visit and take some tours with him. He was very generous and we had a great time over the weekend. Thanks.

This is the quiet bar where we had dinner, tried some local beers (and the real Budweiser from the Czech Republic) and caught up.

The colorful Hannoversche newspaper building.

Herrenhauser Alle just outside the University of Hannover.

A very old Jewish cemetery. Tall, dark gravestones and large, protective trees.

A poster of the new Wim Wenders film all visitors to this site should see. Don't forget to see his other films, as well.

Diego and me. Leaving Hannover on Sunday.